Long Battery 12VDC, 12AH

Model: WP12-12A
Rated voltage: 12VDC
Rated capacity: 12AH @ 20 hour rate (with 0.6AH to 10.50VDC)
Made in: Vietnam

The WP series of Long batteries are suitable for general use in UPS systems, telecommunications equipment, emergency lighting, store boxes, medical and laboratory equipment, fire alarm systems, power tools, toys, electric vehicles and more.


Safe and explosion proof design
Vertically or horizontally install capability
UL 1989 standard compability
Long life with low internal resistant

Technical Specification

Long battery WP12-12A technical specifications
Nominal voltage 12VDC
Nominal capacity 12AH @ 20 hour rate (0.6A to 10.50VDC)
11.4AH @ 10 hour rate (1.14A to 10.50VDC)
10.2AH @ 5 hour rate (2.04A to 10.20VDC)
6.4AH @ 1C (12A to 9.60VDC)
4.2AH @ 3C (36A to 9.60VDC)
New weight Approx. 3.75kg
Internal resistance 13mΩ
Max. discharge current 180A in 5 seconds
Charging mode @ 25°C Cycle use: 14.4 to 15.0VDC (max 3.6A)
Standby use: 13.5 to 13.8VDC
Temperature range Charge: -15 to +40°C; Discharge: -15 to +50°C; Storage: -15 to +40°C
Charge retention 1 month: 92%; 3 month: 90%; 6 month: 80%
Case material ABS UL94 HB (Flammability resistance UL94 V-0 Optional)
Terminal type F1 or F2 (Faston Tab 187 or 250)