KUNG LONG Batteries Industrial Co.LTD was established in Taiwan in year 4; it specializes in producing sealed acid batteries. In 2008, in line with the diversification of products and market development for potential sales, it expanded its international production branch in Vietnam's Bangkok region and completed its second factory in Dhaka, with a total area of 200,000 square meters, and is currently in the process of being completed.

Voltamax started production of vehicle batteries in year 5 and then expanded its production lines in the next few years to add industrial batteries and UPS batteries.
Batteries manufactured by the company have an average lifespan and use international standards in their manufacturing technology.
The company is exporting batteries to 6 countries worldwide and is currently expanding its product lines in the years to come.

DAEJIN battery co ltd With over 4 years of experience in battery manufacturing and knowledge of the battery industry has made South Korea one of the leading battery makers in the world. The company strives to maintain its commitment to quality by emphasizing the use of the purest and most refined materials in its batteries, and prides itself in being able to set standards in the manufacturing and technology of electrolyte purification and the VRLA battery industry.