2, 6, 12VDC batteries
from 1.2 to 100AH



Uninterruptible Power Supply

Single and three phase UPS
From 0.5 to 120kVA



Voltage regulator

Voltage stabilization and regulation
From 16 to 120A


Battery Cabinet

For Sealed-Acid batteries

Battery cabinets with various dimensions
for sealed-acid batteries

Battery Cabinet

Jahan Gostar Pars Niroo (Voltamax)

Jahan Gostar Pars Niroo (Exclusive Agent Of KUNG LONG BATTERIES INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD, HITACHI HI-REL and GM ITALY) is honored to offer comprehensive solutions in the field of emergency power and battery We are reliant on 15 years experience of our competent and qualified managers and experts in the ground on importing, Consulting and supplying battery and ups in accordance with world lastet technological advancments. The main objectives of our company are offering the technology and fair prices according to word standards. In order to archieve this goal, Our company has established relation and cooperation with the world’s reputed and well-known brands.

Consulting, designing, developing and implementing uninterrupted power system

Sales, installation and commissioning of single and three phase UPS

Sell maintenance-free sealed-lead acid batteries

UPS & Battery Technical Service, Periodic Service & Maintenance

Providing solutions and electrical equipment needed for data centers

Advice on implementing specific solutions for power supply and storage


Basic information about UPS and battery

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